Prepaid Solar is a proud supporter of the international charity, SolarAid, that provides access to clean, affordable solar lights. Its goal is to eradicate the kerosene lamp from Africa by 2020, and Prepaid Solar is delighted to be part of it.

One small light, one big idea

A solar lamp does more than shine a light. A solar lamp protects the environment and transforms lives. Nearly 600 million Africans live off-grid, with no access to electricity. Many rely on toxic kerosene lamps for lighting. These polluting lamps emit noxious black smoke and burn up to 20% of household income – locking millions into poverty.

By contrast, solar lights cost as little as $10, pay for themselves after 12 weeks, and last for five years.

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News article from REneweconomy
Solar for renters: Prepaid meter technology targets untapped PV market By Sophie Vorrath on 21 August 2014

One of Australia’s largest untapped solar PV markets – the 1.8 million vacant rooftops estimated to belong to the residential rental market – is being targeted by a Sydney-based solar group, which says the time is right for property investors to start benefiting from solar savings.  Click here to go to article...

Join the growing campaign to stop the Abbott Government slashing the RET by joining the petition and action with Solar Citizens:

"Australia's renewable energy target is under attack from big industry.

The government has announced a review of the target and Tony Abbott has hand-picked a panel of fossil fuel backers to report on whether or not the target is working.

The lack of understanding about renewable energy on this panel is an ominous sign. But the good news is it ultimately won’t be this panel that determines the fate of the target. That decision sits within the government party room.

Australians overwhelmingly love renewable energy, but their voices are not yet being heard by government decision makers. We need to get tens of thousands more people active in this debate.

Do you love renewable energy and want to see it grow? Then sign our petition below to ask the federal government to protect the renewable energy target and ensure more solar, not less."

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30th July 2014

Press Release

Landlords can now share cheaper solar power with tenants

Thanks to an innovative Prepaid Meter solution, one Northern Rivers company is turning solar on for rental homes across Australia. This means tenants can now receive 15-20% off their current power bill and it is profitable for landlords as well.

Prepaid Solar, based in Federal, has pioneered a new technology use which solves the biggest obstacle to putting solar power on rental rooftops – how to bill electricity produced. Using a prepaid sub-meter, tenants can now enjoy cheaper power and also measure and manage their power use, ensuring they are aware of how they use and waste energy to create more savings.

This solution is now being rolled out across the country through accredited solar companies who are thrilled to have a new market opening up at a time when state and federal governments are unwinding incentives for new solar installation. The Abbott Government is considering scrapping the Renewable Energy Target, a move that the Solar Council of Australia says will decimate the industry,   “Slashing the RET would lead to 8,000 immediate solar job losses, with over 12,800 jobs to go by 2018.” *

The Prepaid Solar project for rental homes is a bright light for the industry, as the benefits do not rely on subsidies to be commercially viable. Landlords also win with the installation returning its cost in 3.5 years from energy produced.  Prepaid Solar is truly a win-win technology and landlords can use 100% finance that is repaid by the free solar energy produced.

Solar power is now about 2/3 the cost of buying electricity off the grid. With power prices continually on the increase, Prepaid Solar will provide cheaper, clean electricity for years to come with solar panels now having a production warranty for 25 years. This solution also works great for granny flats, commercial buildings and apartments.

If you would like to help the solar industry in its fight against the slashing of the Renewable Energy Target, Solar Citizens has a petition at or find out more at


Prepaid Solar's Managing director, Vincent Selleck, will be in Sydney for Clean Energy Week and will be available for meetings at the Sydney Show Ground on Wednesday. If you would like to talk to Vincent about this great new technology, please call 0403 255 510 to make an appointment. 

Vincent is also providing support and sales training for our accredited solar industry partners in Sydney and attending media interviews.